Draggable element positioning

I’m trying to add some draggable elements to a page, using the W3Schools How-To as a guide. I’m able to add the drag functionality, no problem, but I’m having trouble positioning my elements as desired initially because they are “position: absolute”. When I inspect the draggable element in the W3Schools page for guidance, I can’t find how it’s being positioned. The nearest positioned ancestor I can find is the “body” element, and the element itself doesn’t seem to have any CSS telling it where to appear. I would think it would appear in the top-left corner of the body in this case, but it clearly doesn’t. Any ideas on how this element is being positioned, so I can steal some of that juju for myself?

Luos, I was having recently the same problem that you’ve been right now. Send us some Photos || your code, that would also like to be helpful.

P.S: Did you pay attention to some elements like padding/index/display while coding your masterpiece?