Dreading my job right now - takes too much energy

Hi guys,

I am fairly a regular on the forum, and have completed the very first version of FCC before the challenges, and learned AngularJS using the CodeSchool videos, back in 2015. Sadly, I haven’t been consistent ton my efforts to become a full time front end developer.
I am a Mainframe developer with 10+ years of working experience, but compared to front end and what I have seen, it started to become dreadful and boring now that I spend much more time with it. It is crushing my soul and spirit. Even though I am making fairly good money and I can stick with this career path which will grant me security and a stable income for years to come, I am sooo unhappy every day, compared to how I felt making less money and doing front end with angular when I was working in the US and in a small startup here in Mexico.
What would you do? I work from 6 am to 3 pm and my energy levels are sooooo LOW that I can’t push myself to study extra during the time I come home. My mind wants this other path, but my body feels so tired and dreaded every day that I can’t find the energy to spend an hour doing coding every day and applying for jobs here.

Thanks for the insight

As you are asking what would I do in your situation, here is my answer.

First I will really try to look hard into why I have zero energy. I would make sure I do 3 things:

  • Sleep enough (I do not know what enough is for you, but experiment with sleeping more and see where is the sweet spot. If you are sleeping 6hours or less, try sleeping 7, maybe even 8 or 9 :slight_smile:
  • Make sure I eat a balanced meals. Have enough veggies and protein. Supplement some vitamins, etc (good place to start may be Vitamin D, Vitamin B, Fish Oil) . Again I have no idea what you dietary restrictions, preferences, moral stances are, but eating properly balanced diet can do wonders.
  • Exercise. Even 30minutes of light exercise of any kind will do a great deal about your energy levels and cognitive capacity.

This is probably not the answer you were looking for, as it is obvious, but personally, I would stat there. If you do all the things above already, that’s a different question.


If I hated my job as much as you seem to, I would be working pretty hard to find a different one. Only you can determine whether or not you can afford the potential pay cut of going from a senior mainframe developer to what might be a junior front-end role.

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absolutely yes.
I can’t believe I am not moving forward with this.
I have underwent 4 strenous dental procedures in the last month and I just can’t seem to get over them physically.
I live in a place where there are plenty of job opportunities, and would love to have a chance to jump out of this bucket.
I guess patience is all it takes.