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Hi all, I need some coding help plz. I’m currently designing my Sunday league football teams website. I was wondering if it was possible to code a page where there is a drop down menu with the various formations in i.e 4-4-2 or 4-5-1, when you select a formation an image will appear on the same page showing a football pitch with the formations selected on it? Could then that pitch be a bit interactive so the manager can move each player around the pitch? I do appreciate that it may well be a huge amount of work but I’m willing to learn and try.

Thx Ed.

This is all possible.

Hi Mate, Thanks for replying to me, I appreciate that…You say it’s all possible, ok so where do I start? I’ve created the drop-down menu with the list of possible formations. How do I now make the picked formation open an interactive football pitch showing that formation?

I don’t know what a football pitch is. Also, you have not explained how you want to display it. How you want to be able to interact with it.

Showing static images wouldn’t be that difficult. Having it be an interactive display is much more difficult. If you do not know how to display static images it is highly unlikely you will be able to display an interactive version without having to learn a lot more.

We can’t teach you all you would need to know using the forum. You will need a basic understanding of JS and DOM manipulation (or a view framework). We can help you with code if you post some code, we can’t teach you all you need to know from the ground up.

If this isn’t something you absolutely have to code yourself, why not just use something that already exists?

Example site

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Hi Mate…Yeah, my understanding of JS and DOM is limited, and I knew I was asking a lot of myself lol…However the link you have provided is more or less exactly the outcome I’m looking for…Its definitely something I can use.