Drum Machine Functional, not passing tests 5/6

I began working on this Drum Machine project a couple of months ago. I got so frustrated with it because I was having such a difficult time getting the play functionality working that I kind of put this project on the backburner.

I came back after learning a bit more about properties/selectors/media playing and finished it with relative ease. Except…

It does not pass tests 5 or 6. Functionality, it works as it is supposed to. Press a key, it plays and displays it’s name on the display. Click one of the buttons, and the same thing happens. I’ve had the playSound() method attached to onClick since the beginning. I only recently added keySound() to onKeyPress because I saw it in a post similar to this one (but functionality was still there before)…

For anyone looking at the code, lines 1-118 are data array set ups for the different play kits. The important code is in class App, starting in line 119, and class Buttons, starting in line 229. The test plug-in is also available.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me!