Drum Machine: Test says Audio is not played

I’ve been working on the Drum Machine project.
my codepen is: https://codepen.io/tlaschkolnig/pen/MWzqpYV
(can I just share it like that? I think so?)

and it isn’t passing the test for playing Audio when you’re pressing the hotkey on your keyboard. but when I have it open and press the hotkey (i.e. q) it plays the sound and even the display changes to the string of the sound played.
I read that this can happen if you don’t use .play(), as the test checks for that, but I’m using that to play the sound, I’m kinda lost what’s wrong.
(also excuse the input field to the side and the text there, it is mostly used to troubleshoot when my buttons didnt work 100% yet)

anybody any idea what might be causing the issue?

the issue might be:
if i press q - all is working good
if i press Q however - it is not working
so i would try to handle both ‘q’ and ‘Q’, ‘w’ and ‘W’, etc.


that was it, it checked for uppercase, thank you. have a good one

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