Drum Machine using react

audio tag wont play when

When you learn some HTML/CSS in the challenge waypoints, google “w3 <your concept here>”. w3 schools covers all the possible values for a given attribute, and there is a “try it” button on every page that lets you see it in action, often letting you code it, break it, fix it, and do the “doing” that is an integral part of learning to code.


Check out the “attributes section”

I appreciate you trying but that doesn’t really help me, anybody else?

So, you didn’t bother reading all the attributes? Because that will fix your problem. Terminal laziness isn’t my problem.

lol i did but i didnt see anything that would help, thanks for trying though

There is no possible way you actually tried all those possibilities, played with them, and actually tested your frustration tolerance. That’s what it took for me. And I assure you, the answer is exactly where I said it is. This will be my last response in this thread.

cool, thanks for responding