Drum Porject feedback

I didn’t use React at all in this project.
Can anyone tell me how i could i use React/Redux in this project?

Have you created any projects in React yet? Have you finished all the React challenges? If so, you should have a pretty good idea how to implement this in React.

I finished all the React challenges But i didn’t use React in any project Yet.
I’m kind of afraid from It.

Start with an easier project like the Random Quote machine and work your way up to more complex challenges using React. The best way to learn how to use React is to first create some small projects on your own.

I am not going to explain how to use React on the any of the projects you have not first attempted by yourself. However, if you make an attempt at trying yourself, we would be glad to view any code issues you run into. You may want to review the React challenges again and make sure you can work through them without any assistance.

You just need to break the project into components and then think about what the top level component should be and go from there.

Can you explain me a little how i can use React in quote machine project.

Okay. Just answer me this. When we use React we didn’t use HTML at all or just a little. Render all things using Javascript/React.
Like we do when developing website using Node/Express But instead of React there was pung in Node/Express.

In the React lessons you went through on FCC, you learned how to use JSX syntax along with various React libraries to create/display interactive pages. JSX helps you create React components which looks HTML/XML syntax.

I started learning React about 3-4 weeks ago and while the FCC curriculum is a great start, there is a lot more material you need to learn to complete some of these projects. I have not even completed some of the projects in React yet, but I have also been busy doing other things. Again, try to recreate some of the components in the FCC lessons by completely deleting ALL the starting code. When I say ALL the code, I mean the challenges start with some code with comments telling your to “make changes here”. Build the challenge code from scratch and then see if you can still pass the tests. Then you will know if you really understand the React and JSX syntax and what React can really do for you.

There are plenty of React tutorials on youtube that can give you an idea of how to use it for your projects. Easiest thing to do would be to build a Portfolio or tribute page with it.
You create different components (different parts of the web) and bring them together.
you make a function that returns html elements, which is one component.
Dont be afraid of it. I didnt learn Jquery, instead went straight to React since thats what my mentors told me to do. There are also good selection of udemy courses that shows you how it is used which helped me see the bigger picture and understand how to use react more.