Dude, just stay focused!

I have seen so many topics on the forum about people asking what programming language they should learn or what framework they should learn in order to get a job.

They always refers to what is “hot” in the CS market right now. I see a lot of responses saying they should learn a certain language or frameworks in order to get a job. To be honest, this causes the person learning to code to jump from technology to technology. That is not good because you are in a learning phase.

No matter what framework or language you learn, there will be a place for you in the computer industry. Just sit down and learn something to the point to where you are very comfortable. That will make learning other technologies easier.

Like I have said before, ignore the hype when learning to code and stay focused on what you are currently learning at the moment.


Good piece of advice bro. I know how confusing it is when you’re starting out as a developer. There are lots of options and lots of factors that will influence what you should be learning.
My advice to beginners is to go with FCC’s stack. And if you’re not too comfortable with javascript, explore other languages. But the most important part is sticking with one language and persisting with it. Don’t start jumping from one language to the next.
The idea is to get comfortable with programming. Your target should be consistency and not trying to learn every single “hot” language out there. Once you pick up one, understanding another programming language will be easier.


Thanks a lot for the comment! Yup, that is what it is all about, staying focused. I think it is so easy to try and chase the latest and greatest but I have found that doesn’t work because there’s is always a new version or new type of software coming out somewhere. A lot of frameworks like Angular are on a 6month release period

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Languages come and go. No matter how you think X language is too popular or too big to fail, it will get obsolete someday, or sooner. (think about Cobol, Fortran, Pascal, Basic, so on and on, etc)

Instead learn the fundamentals of programming, computational thinking, data structures, algorithms. These will always be applicable, no matter the computer language.


Wonderful response! That is exactly what I tell people

In other words, turn off the noise and hard work and focus.


Lol, exactly! It really does help. I know that it has helped me grow as a programmer over the years!

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I am glad you all like the article. I know what it is like just starting out when trying to learn to code. It can be frustrated staying focused.

Hello, what is a good way to surround myself with other people learning?


Well, it depends on what you want to do and how you want to do it. If you like being in person with other people like you that are learning then you can checkout coding events near you, see if there are campers near you that are doing code meetups, or start a group meet up yourself.

Now, if you don’t want to be in person and are not very social then you have all types of forums out there including this one, YouTube, GutHub, and just pretty much any inline community of people that are learning to code. You just got to reach out and start working on something together. Also, give feedback and ask questions, I think that is the most important.

The internet is wonderful and there are so many people out there like you that are learning :smiley:

Hope this helps


Thanks for taking the time to write, I will take your advice! :slightly_smiling_face:


You are welcome! If you have anymore questions feel free to reach out!

I had an interesting topic in my twitter feed a few days ago, comparing exercise routines to learning routines…

And there really are striking similarities.

There will always be the ‘topic of the month’ but the thing is, it really isn’t one size fits all.

You need to find something that fits you. Something that you feel a connection to. Something that you want to do.

Yes at the end of the day, we do this for money… But you still need to have an interest in what we do


Awesome! That is so true. If you are not passionate about it or enjoy it then software development will be a brutal, agonizing, painful line of work.

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Completely agree with you @michaelhenderson. Thanks :slight_smile:

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not a problem friend! :slight_smile:

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