Dune Spice - Product Landing Page

Hello, everyone.

I just finished this project. Please feel free to have a look and give any feedback that you can share. Your input is greatly appreciated!


I really like your concept. I even like that the navbar floats above as I scroll. But that also brings up a slight flaw. When I click on one of the navbar links, the text that I want to see is covered by the navbar. (Of course this would happen even if I could see the text scroll under the navbar.) You need to account for the width of the navbar and possibly add some padding to the top of the sections that the user is brought to.

An afterthought, when hovering over the button to “Connect with the Source” change the cursor to a pointer. Maybe even change the background color like you did with your nav links.

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I think is a cool project! But I wouldn’t use the same typography that you use on the titles on the long chunks of text because it is hard to read. Also I would go for a regular sticky menu on the top with a colored background, again, to make it easier to read. Keep in mind that your id where the menu takes you should have a margin somehow so the menu won’t overlapse the content below. Otherwise is cool! Good job!!!

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I really appreciate your response. Thank you!

I have been looking for the appropriate way to deal with the positioning when the user clicks the nav links. I will definitely play with is and see what works.

I like the idea of changing the cursor too. More to explore.

Thank you again for your feedback.

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Thank you very much for your response! I will definitely be working on the view when the user clicks the nav links and I really appreciate your additional insight. :smiley:

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Making use of the input so kindly offered here, I cleaned up my code and improved the project overall. Thank you again for the shared insight!

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