Duplicate response - Twitch TV API [solved]


I’ve got a weird issue where I am getting duplicate objects returned for each user. If you look in console at the second array, you will see it has duplicated objects. Can anyone see why that might be?

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please note:

  • I am not talking about the 2 arrays, there are 2 because the log runs at page refresh and after the functions have run.

  • The array is there bacase I will parse from it. I know I can find someway to clean the array of duplicates… but why should I?

  • The duplicate happens even outside of the loop (I can use only the code thats commented out at the bottom and still get a duplicate)

Any ideas?



School boy error. A gold star to anyone who figures it out before I commit again later.

Could it be that you have two times the main.js script in your index.html? :wink:

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that be the one :smiley:

took me 2hrs to realise that. I didn’t even look in my html tbh until it suddenly clicked haha

edit: nearly forgot: :star: