Duration of full stack development course

Please how long those this program take?

It depends.

The whole course (I.e all the certs and the four nonprofit projects) has actually never been completed, since everyone either gets a job or drops out before the end.

It also depends on your experience level and aptitude.


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I would say about a year and a half or so if you have 40+ hours a week to work on it. I completed the first 3 certificates in about 5 months and my first nonprofit in about 3 more. Figure a couple of months for each of the nonprofits with some time in between to find another pair and get set up, the non-profits alone would take you about a year.

Hundreds of hours. If you’ve got a knack for code and you sink two hours a day into the site, it will probably take you 9 - 12 months to get through the front-end certificate.

You’ll need more than just the front-end certificate, though! You’ll want the back-end and data visualization certs also. By then you’ll learn faster, however, as you’ll have more experience.

So settle in and enjoy the ride! It’s a great skill set to pick up, but it does take time.