During development do you run your code locally?

Hi all,
I’m starting my internship as backend developer in February and I’m a bit nervous, I understand concept of building RESFUL API and I have used NodeJS and Express to do so, also Insomnia to send HTTP request. My question is, if I get task assigned, do I develop the code on local machine first or I would use some sort of development environment?

Usually your local machine is setup to work on the codebase locally as your dev environment.

Other alternatives is using your local machine as a local development environment with some virtual environment between your actual machine and what is running. Or even connecting to a remote desktop/remote server and working on the back-end there, however this usually is slow so isn’t recommended.

As an intern, you will probably be given minor tasks and have a bunch of safety nets applied to you work so you can’t ruin anything, so I wouldn’t be to worried. Its up to the company to “protect you” from messing up anything serious.

Enjoy the experience!

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I usually use Docker to imitate the dev and prod environment. It is very useful and comfortable, reduces a lot of pain. You can also add CI/CD and reduce your pain a lot