Dynamic Orbital Communication Adjustment Protocol (DOCAP)

Good day,

Can you be able to advice my colleague through this project, Yoshiki Uchida from Keio University in Japan. I have something I’d like to do at the IETF Hackathon. Our project, entitled the Dynamic Orbital Communication Adjustment Protocol (DOCAP), is designed to significantly improve the efficiency and reliability of communications in space by dynamically adjusting communication margins. This adjustment is based on real-time and predictive velocity and acceleration data of satellites and spacecraft.

The core of our proposal involves the development of a novel protocol that utilizes heartbeat messages for the dynamic adjustment of communication parameters in orbital communication systems. This would entail the formulation of a new message format to convey essential velocity and acceleration data, alongside a mechanism for calculating dynamic communication margins.

Before we proceed with our detailed proposal, we seek to confirm a few critical points with you:

  1. Given that our concept is original and currently lacks a formal draft or pre-existing specification within the IETF document repository, would our project be considered appropriate for submission to the IETF Hackathon?
  2. Are projects that introduce entirely new concepts, as opposed to building upon existing drafts, welcome at the Hackathon?

Our primary aim is to contribute a fresh perspective to the challenges of space communication.