Dynamic projects

Hi There,

Hi all,

I have to say the content on codecamp is really well done.
I have a couple questions:

  1. On the courses I have done I closed my account and logged back in and nothing of my progress was saved?
  2. I have looked into you Dynamic projects as this is were I find I loose the plot and there seems to be nothing on the MVC part and you go from single form projects which is fine to outer space in mvc and Im so lost? Is there any thing someone can point me to to get the concept of MVC.




Your progress should be saved when you log out. Often the code isn’t saved when you log out but the code is saved in the progress section - in the top right there is a progress number in brackets - if you click on that, you can see your history with links to your code.

I’m not sure what you mean by “dynamic projects”. Yes, the MVC section has yet to be filled out. A new version of FCC is being developed and is in beta. In the mean time, there are a lot of other resources to supplement your FCC training. There are many treads asking for advice on where to get additional information. I would recommend checking these out.If they are insufficient, then start a thread and ask away.

I myself am currently struggling with the last few projects and the whole MVC thing. I’ve found building apps is the best way. I built the Clementine app with that site and build some apps along with Brad Traversy’s youtube videos. I’ve found youtube videos to be a wonderful resource.

But yes, MVC is a conceptual leap. There is a big gap between understanding MVC as a concept and understanding MVC from a “what files go where and what code goes where” standpoint.

Thanks for your reply.
Looked up brad travesty on angular its a whole new design concept and has its own syntax it a hard slog to remember all this?

I think I may have lost my progress as I never logged out and closed the browser, could this be possible? I had done a fair few too and im back to a clean slate…

With regards to Traversy, he also does some things without Angular.This for example builds a Node/Express/Passport app that is a good launching point for the voting app (I wanted the first one to have local authorization for ease of testing, so that was good.) Of course FCC directs you to the Clementine site which has a nice tutorial to build a simple site, but with Passport authorization with Github. I found that after building these, I had enough to get started on the voting app. I still didn’t quite understand it all, but as I built, things gradually sunk into place. I’d taken two months off, paralyzed with fear. What I really needed to do was start coding. It was clumsy, but I got there. I just finished the voting app. There are still a few things that I wish I understood better, but I certainly understand a lot more than I did two weeks ago.

With regards to the progress, I’m not as savvy with the technical aspects of the main site as others are. But when you say “progress”, what do you mean? Do you mean that there is no green check mark next to that line in the map? Do you mean that your code is gone? Have you checked the “progress” sections? On right side of the menu is a number in brackets - click on that and scroll down. That should show your history and the “view solution/project” should allow you to see what has been saved. Everything should be saved there. If it isn’t, then we need to check further. You might want to start a thread with just that problem and a title that reflects that. There is also a support email address on the FCC site.

Also a few points. Not all of the challenges are required, just the ones with stars next to them on the map. Also, it’s a good idea to save your code locally, even for little things like this. It might even be a good idea to save it to github - it’s a good chance to get some experience with one of the most ubiquitous technologies out there. And many employers check your github to see how active you are. Often they don’t even check the content, they just want to see that you’re active, that you have lots of “green” on the status page.