E-commerce JavaScript solutions

Hi people!

I got a job a couple months ago and so far I studied only JavaScript (react, vue, nodejs, express, mongodb, thanks FreeCodeCamp!). I was wondering if I can use this stack for big e-commerce projects also. So far it looks to me like most solutions are php based and I have trouble finding information when I Google ‘‘nodejs ecommerce examples’’. I understand you can program a web shop using the MERN stack, but I am talking about e-commerce projects that are large. https://reactioncommerce.com/ for example I saw this but it looks like it hardly gets used. Are there many large webshops out there using JavaScript? And if so, how do they do it? All advice/information is welcome! (One of the reasons I am asking is because my team is considering e-commerce and we would need to hire the right people for that also).