E-commerce Platform

hey, guys hope you are good today,
I have a question,
what I should to do after design my E-commerce app!

You say “after” like it’s a quick job. :grin: If you’re asking what to design next, I suggest you first check if you have any own itches to scratch. Much better motivation-wise. Otherwise I suggest you design a lyrics website for singing along multivoice songs. Haven’t seen anything similar yet.

Once you’ve completed your app - I recommend taking a day or two as a break. It’s going to be a strenuous task and you’ll need rest afterwards. Then you will need to market your platform and convince people why they should use it over the existing platforms out there. Good luck and happy coding :slight_smile:


Thanks , @anon52159105 you solved it :slight_smile:

What you have to do is testing, ask people to review it you can then take a break afterward