E-commerce project feedback 😊

I have created this website http://www.rajonlinestore.com/ for one of my client after completed freecodecamp fullstack certification its my first ecommerce site project
Will be happy to hear feedbacks for encouragment


It looks very nice! The section that is directly under the “Categories” section is partially covered by the section that is directly to the right of it.

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Sorry, I carelessly posted this in your study groups forum post, so I’m reposting it here.

Looks like a good first iteration.

A couple of things I noticed immediately:

  • The “Your shopping cart is empty” display area is really small; I had to scroll to see more than 30% of the content (cat image and text)
  • On the “Categories” dropdown menu, sometimes the background for the “digital safes” and “metal detectors” becomes transparent, leaving only text. Then the text on the page below and the text in the dropdown category overlap and become confusing.

Hopefully you’ll get some other people to give it a deeper look.
Good luck!

Looks awesome! Good job.

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Thanx for sharing ur feedbck

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Well I guess I posted to the wrong thread as well.

Edit: Just to be clear I’m not saying there is anything wrong with using a template. And again it does look nice.

‘Why not we Call You?’ isn’t a good way to phrase this unless it’s a tag line. ‘Want us to call you?’ would be better.
I really don’t like the way the phone button in the lower right corner keeps grabbing my attention. It has also taken over a quarter of the screen and I just don’t like it. There needs to be a dismiss option of some sort on it.
The links in the Categories section don’t work, they are all dead. The text in the Categories section aren’t sized right on screens with a smaller width.
The main logo has a slightly different white color than the background color.
The ‘About Us’ links are all dead. There are a lot of dead links in the footer as well.

You have a 404 error on the about section.