E-commerce Site with Vue 3

I made a mobile responsive fashion e-commerce site with Vue js 3, I hosted a live preview of it in netlify check it out, and don’t forget to check the dashboard, I appreciate your feedback thank you:

HI @chaniioussama1 !

I think the design looks really nice.

I am having some issue with the add to bag option.

When I go to a product page, and click add to bag, it doesn’t update with the product.
Also, for the quantity, it doesn’t show you how many items you have selected.
Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 3.36.38 PM

Without adding anything to the bag, there are already 8 items in there.

And then there is no option for me to delete an item from my bag.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you so much jwilkins for your attention,
I made a pop up that it appears after 5 sec of opening the site to explain your that, this is just a preview to show the design and how things works, the site is working 100% in its real version because I cannot put a database in a static host ,Annotation 2021-04-15 150650
I appreciate it thank you

Even for a design mockup, I still think you should have a remove item option in the bag page.

I would personally remove the popup and just label the site as a design mockup.

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your advice was hopeful, I will work on that today, I appreciate it jwilkins

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