E-commerce with Gatsbyjs


I am thinking to build an e-commerce with Gatsbyjs that would be hosted with Netlify and connected to Contentful.
The whole store wouldn’t be that big around 30-50 products and there wouldn’t be an option to register. ( It may grow bigger in the future )

What do you guys think should I use something else maybe NextJs? Did anyone tried to use Gatsbyjs for e-commerce?

  • I just really like working with Gatsby, beacuse of the speed and easy hosting.
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I haven’t built e-commerce site with neither Gatsby nor Next.js but the latest episode from Syntax could help you decide, its title is Gatsby vs Next.

This is my favorite Podcast by famous web devs Wes Bos and Scott T.


Thanks man, I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

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