E-mail address update crash

I want to update my e-mail but when I typing new e-mail address I see the following answer:

There is no text on the blue line. I can only close this page or “Go back to Settings”.
New mail box is empty (spam list too).

Can you help me?

Have you had any luck updating your email yet?

No. The same problem.

Is this on www.freecodecamp.org or beta.freecodecamp.org?

Could you create a GitHub issue?

In the meantime, you can send me your current and desired email and I can manually fix this for you in the database.

Yes. Here is a link on GitHub issue https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp/issues/15888
I’m using www.freecodecamp.org - not beta.freecodecamp.org.
Thank you for help.

We’ve figured out how to reproduce this and will fix it. I’ve also updated your email address in the database manually.

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.