Each element on the freeCodeCamp website is stretched the width of my laptop screen

I was in the middle of doing the “Line up Form Elements Responsively with Bootstrap” lesson (ironically) when I began having issues with the page. The editor was not responding so I refreshed the page.

What loaded looks like the version of FCC for mobile: the instructions were stretched the full width of the screen instead of being the left column, the text editor is stretched the full width of the screen instead of being in the center, and the webpage that is created from the text editor is the full width instead of being on the right. This makes it so everything is very wide and I have to scroll really far down to see all of the content instead of it fitting in my window with minimal scrolling.

I tried deleting history/cookies and opening the site in “Incognito mode”. It’s the same. I’ve confirmed that no other website is like this. Can anyone advise how I can get the screen back to how it should be on a laptop?

If this isn’t clear enough I can take some screenshots. Thank you!

Update - Did a reset and it restored. Not sure what happened, but thanks all.

If there isn’t one already, please create a detailed GitHub Issue.

Thanks, I have created a GitHub issue and included screenshots.

Could you have fiddled with the user agent spoofing in the dev tools? I know it’s unlikely, but that does cause the issue you describe, and it wouldn’t be fixed by clearing cookies alone.

However, you’ve really got to do that intentionally, so if the answer is ‘I don’t know’ then you probably didn’t :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply. No, I did not do this. I had definitely never heard of it, but after looking it up, it sounds like it could be pretty useful in general.