Easy site builders: thx to ppl trying to help with the very few things i asked about

have a few different needs

1 - site / theme where you share youtubes/videos in a grid-style? (like pinterest)

  • can drag drop youtubes to rearrange them

2 - site / theme for long texts docs

  1. has an outline on side (like gdocs),

  2. everything is on 1 page

  3. see example https://twinelab.net/twine-resources/

3 - site / theme to curate images / gifs from the web

  • still looking for a decent… non-pinterest option…

  • it took 7 entire steps just to link something to pinterest… that’s insane

easiest: since these are very very simple needs, should be the no cost + easiest options out there

know about ‘most’, but not all of the site builders options, i wasnt able to find an easy option for any of the first 2 needs, and #3 still looking

i’ve been looking for good options for a few weeks to 5+ years over time,

and ive been trying to learn code for 6-8+ years or something on off (i dont even remember anymore)

i remember how i read through some basic intro thing and it was so bad cos i asked a web person things on some irc / chat or w/e thing back then, and the most important thing was ‘box’ and ‘boxes’

  • and that is the first thing anything web dev is suppose to tell you
  • but that site did not, and i was like wow, i remember being so surprised that the most basic thing they didnt even put as the first thing in a so called ‘best guide’ at the time, it was awful

current step forward

  • gonna try learning
  • but this is alot to learn for simple things
  • it seems to be like something else someone had linked

(edit: wow we cant even put a simple line break here after the bullet points sections without having to add crazy complicated code… omg, and every single time you want a line break also… yikes code)

the diff is that this ‘elegent theme’ thing isnt free and likely doesnt do very much (so very bad option basically)

ill see what happens, any good options you know lemme knw

Emm, these are all highly complex UIs. They are absolutely not simple. You are looking for something that compounds the difficulty for the person who is [potentially] building it by asking for it as a theme for a site builder. Site builders are extremely difficult to build well in the first place (beyond simple things), so you are asking for complex functionality on top of complex functionality.

This is likely why your first two needs haven’t given you easy options & why you can’t find anything for your third need.

Press the enter key twice

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Able to describe with simple words does not mean simple to do.

I want to run a marathon in less than two hours.

Simple description, hard to accomplish. What you are describing is very complex to implement. People don’t often do hard things like that for free.