Eaux Claires music fest tribute page, would love feedback

Hey guys I’m still working on my tribute page, I’ve been stuck for a while and would appreciate some fresh eyes on it.

My goal is to recreate the Eaux Claires music festival page and showcase some of the things I love most about this fest. I know I have to update the band timeline and add a section about how Justin Vernon helped create the band Bon Iver and how the festival came into being, I’m going to put that before the band timeline.

Right now, I’m struggling with:
-Code structure: does my code make sense? Does some of it belong in another section (is there styling in the HTML that could go into the CSS, etc)?
-Content: is there not enough, too much, wrong kind?
-Navigation: right now the links at top are to all the Eaux Claires social media, how should I handle navigation between sections of the tribute page?
-I know it’s more than is required for a tribute page but I really want to make something useful, and learn more than the lessons give you BUT how much is “good enough”?

thanks to everyone for your help on this!