Ecommerce site feedback


please critique my Ecommerce app at this adress:

Thanks !

  1. Design could be a lot better. The animations, forms, navigation, product page, cart.
  2. I can’t register, it keeps asking me to “follow the requested” format, but I have no way of knowing what that format is (UX issue).
  3. Since I can’t register, I can’t test the payments(if they’re included), authentication, checkout page and the rest.
  4. You can add the same item to cart multiple times, but each time you do, it’ll insert the item into a new place on the list. It should only increase the quantity if the item already exists in the cart (another UX issue).

The functional code seems to be good so I have little worries about any missing/not working things post-registration, but the design could really use some work. Consider using bootstrap/other libraries, or since you’re using React, Material-UI.

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Yea thanks I have to remove the patterns on the form forgot. Functional code works yes. I ll look into material Ui.