Ecommerce using angular/node/mysql, my first big project

Hi there, I’ve been learning Angular & Node (w/ MySQL) these past few months and around mid January I started doing what I consider my very first big coding project. It’s an app that has the basic but essential functionalities an ecommerce app should have.
This includes:

  • Account system
  • Category system
  • Cart feature
  • Checkout feature

Id really appreciate some honest feedback from you guys. Thanks a lot!

PS: Just a heads up, you guys might notice that some content (like the landing page text or links) of the site are not finalized yet as Im still in the midst of doing that . Also, for now, only the first 3 categories are working. The rest are hardcoded for the mean time for the sake of filling the category area of the ui
Finally, the test data auth for stripe for the checkout:

card: 4242 4242 4242 4242
date: any future date
number: any 3 digit num


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Wow, this is aweosme! The colors are great, the icons are sick too!

I think that the top logo could be a bit improved, but that’s just personal taste

Well done!

Sir, please link your github