Ecommerce website

I want to create an ecommerce website that would be editable by the company. What’s the best way to go about it?

There’s never best way. Everything depends on what you can do, what’s expected, what’s the goal, what’s the niche, who’s the target audience, what could be compromised, etc. I’d rather think you’re not ready to create a full working website if you’re asking this question.

Ok, let me explain further, I have a job to create an ecommerce website which I haven’t done before. I’ve been told to make the site editable by the company. Now I’m a web developer (html, css, js) and searching for a way to do it, all I see aound is wordpress and shopify which I’m not pretty comfortable cause

  1. I don’t know wordpress
  2. I literally spent over a year learning web development and I want to use that skill or do something in relation to it.

I have also seen a lot of web developers on YouTube make videos on how to make ecommerce website, but they are not editable or linked with any cms which is what I’m looking for. The company wants to be able to make changes to the products in the website and I have to give them that, otherwise they won’t accept it, which is why I brought the question here to see if I can find a solution to it. Any suggestions you have would be appreciated, thanks.

You could use the WooCommerce-Plugin for Wordpress.


Best wishes, always go straight forward at your paste.

Yea, but still there are lots of questions to ask to deliver a good product, IMO, e.g.:

  1. Do they want to maintain backend?
  2. Are you comfortable doing backend?
  3. Why they do not want to use solutions in the market?
  4. What kind of products they are selling?
  5. How many products they’re going to list?
  6. How frequent they’re going to change their listing? And how major is the change?
  7. What kind of tools/technology they’re thinking about and comfortable to use?
  8. What’s their niche? mobile phone users? or desktop users?

I think Shopify, SquareSpace is a good option for like micro-small business, or business that’s just started. Wordpress is huge, I believe you won’t be sorry learning it while building a wordpress web for this company.

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