Eddie Bravo Tribute Page

Hey everyone! First post on FCC and this is my tribute page project. Any feedback is appreciated =)


Your tribute page looks amazing! The only thing I can think might improve it would be to add the bootstrap class img-responsive to the first / main picture of Eddie so that when the page is scaled down to mobile size the image scales too.

I like the use of the table, very cool. But I would put it on a separate row from the bio section in the large-screen view. On the other hand, the whole page is so much readable and enjoyable in the small view – which means you’ve designed it “mobile first”. Good job.

I love your tribute page! I’m a new developer too but have been training jujitsu for 13 years under John Danaher at Renzo Gracie academy so i can really relate to your tribute.

Thanks man! I’ll add .img-responsive, appreciate the feedback =)

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Thanks for the feedback man, I figured since the table wasn’t that big to begin with it’d fit in better under the main image, but I’ll play around with that idea for sure!

That’s awesome dude good for you!