Eddie Guerrero Tribute Page feedback

What do you think? I actually wanted the quote (the image caption) beside his name at the top, but settled for where it is lol. I usually use Dreamweaver and Bootstrap. This was the first time I ever fully hand-coded something without Bootstrap. I used webstorm too which was different. Anyway, tips, advise, etc?


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Good job on putting this page together from scratch.

The page passed 8/10 tests, but the 2 additional tests should be easy enough to pass. They revolve around the placement and responsiveness of your image.

Just curious did you settle on the position of the quote because you couldn’t figure it out or because you like the way it’s positioned now? FYI - it doesn’t look bad in its current position.

I changed the size manually because of how large the image was, i didn’t think it looked right lol. I did fix it so I could get a 10/10. I cannot figure out how to make it smaller without not passing the test you mentioned lol. So 50/50 I guess haha.

Thank you btw! The form I am using Bootstrap. Maybe the technical documentation one I will use another framework, I’m not sure yet. Just trying multiple things out while I am at work currently haha.

Let’s get you to 100%. lol

Add this to your image declaration

width: 300px;/*resize as necessary*/
margin: auto;

You can also change max-width:100%; to another value like max-width:400px; if you don’t want his picture getting larger than a certain size.

Welcome to the forums @wwe9112. Page looks good. Some things to revisit;

You should start out with h1 and work down and it’s a good idea not to skip. So after h3 if you want another header element it would be h4.

THANK YOU! I fixed it! (sorry for the long-spaced-reply) work has been really busy (fortunately in these times lol).