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Your review doesn’t come with a video so I don’t totally understand what you’re getting at.


FreeCodeCamp is an open source project, it is always evolving, it is already a great thing that a volunteer created those videos, and it just mean that a volunteer has not yet done those other videos

Considering the way FreeCodeCamp is created and that it is free, with a small staff and most work done by volunteers, it is really rude on your part to speak of laziness

If something is missing in an open source project you can always contribute yourself


Every single resource out there comes with a shortage of something , even the videos you speak of don’t provide everything required to be a developer. Its the same for any school boot camp etc.

There is no one size fit all when it comes to learning programming, you have to be able to learn from multiple resources and extract what you don’t know on your own. Resources only help you start out. Huge bulk of the time u are learning from practicing.

Whether if its freecodecamp or not , ultimately the learning comes from you and not anyone else. There are many happy people who have found freecodecamp benefcial and those who make it know how to extract information and apply it to their projects.

Suggest you reflect this upon yourself instead of throwing a rude remark


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Hey man, you need to relax.

Self learning is all about research. If there is something you are not sure about in JS, then do a quick google search. It’s not hard to find other resources about JS.

Check MDN, W3Schools, Youtube you name it. But there is no need to go all out crazy and being rude.
You simply just need to ask politely and you’ll get the help you need, but with that attitude you can’t expect people in here to help you.

As you can see on several of the projects you are set to do, they encourage you to research on other sources as well.


There is no “you” here, a volunteer did the videos there, a volunteer would need to do the other videos there

Donations are to keep the server alive and to be able to have someone that can work for FreeCodeCamp full time instead of just volunteering

Most things are done by volunteers. You should thank the person that gave their time to made those videos in their free time without being paid and without working for FreeCodeCamp


Hi, the FCC curriculum is built and maintained by volunteers who donate their spare time. There are issues and missing things, and suggesting where additions/fixes to the curriculum are needed is fine. But can you tone it down please.


:thinking: did you check their youtube channel? There is a beginners video;

This complete 134-part JavaScript tutorial for beginners will teach you everything you need to know to get started with the JavaScript programming language. The font-size in this tutorial is large, making it perfect for viewing on small screens.

:star: Curriculum :star:
This course goes along with the freeCodeCamp.org JavaScript curriculum. However, this is a stand-alone video and going through the free curriculum at freeCodeCamp.org is not required. Here is how to access the JavaScript curriculum: :link: Basic JavaScript: https://learn.freecodecamp.org/javasc…
:link: ES6 JavaScript: https://learn.freecodecamp.org/javasc…


Being able to do research on your own is absolutely critical to your career in software development (or any other trades really); this skill only gets better with practicing, so I quite frankly think it’s a good thing to start doing from day 1.

Along my way of learning to code, I’ve met a handful of people who thought they could only do research on their own once they are ‘experienced’ enough; but here’s the catch: doing research on your own is HOW you gain experience! What happened to those people? They never moved beyond the stage of beginners.

For the sake of your own learning, whining about not having video tutorials won’t help you learn (not to mention that there’s one as linked by @rademaker13 ); but start taking learning into your own hand and doing research will.


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Oh I’m sorry, creating comprehensive video content is trivially easy, I’m sure one of the people volunteering can bang something out just for you while they’re on a break at work or while their kid is having a nap.

People have already pointed out that there are videos available.

I’ve already asked you politely, can you tone it down.


The volunteers that contribute with supporting material do that because they want to give back, no one is telling them what to do…
And as someone posted above there is a video about the JavaScript curriculum in the YouTube channel

People that contribute to the curriculum also do that because they want, but that is more coordinated

And you asked “Why there is NO help?”, there is… there are the guides, there is the forum…

lol, you have a thousand JS video tutorials on youtube, dude, cmon. And by the way watching video tutorials is not better than scratching your head against the official docs/MZN mozilla/stackoverflow.


Recently, 107 Basic JavaScript video links were added to our master branch by @beaucarnes. We hope to have these in production soon along with over 300 improvements and bug fixes in the existing curriculum.

Feel free to test them out on our beta site which will eventually be moved to production after a couple of issues are fixed.

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Because, quite frankly, no one owes you that.

I’d be on your side if we were talking about a paid service - as in, you only get the product if you pay first- and it didn’t deliver. First of all, donations aren’t mandatory and if you aren’t willing to part with your money, then no one will make you pay. FCC is an open-source initiative provided for free, for you and me to enjoy/learn. What this means is that the same way you aren’t obliged to pay for it, contributors aren’t obliged to deliver what you want as they’re doing it on their own penny and free time.

In fact, there was a time not so long ago where people had to learn programming by buying expensive books or attending classes, and that only happened if they were fortunate enough to afford it or even have those resources available to them in the first place - not every book shop had them and online delivery wasn’t always a thing. Creating this post is as ungrateful as someone buying you a car as a present and you throwing a fit because the windows aren’t tinted.

If you’re still disappointed in FCC, feel free to seek knowledge elsewhere and spend money buying learning material and courses.

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I have closed this thread as the discussion has dwindled to name calling. There have been plenty of posts answering the OP’s question.