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Hi all,

I’ve been using a website called eloquent javascript (sandbox) (and code pen) to play with javascript codes while trying to solve problems here in codecamp. However, I noticed a guy online doing essentially the same thing with webstorm. He was just typing js and it popped up in the console window (in webstorm itself).

Anyone know of any videos or guides on how to do this?

I contacted the guy who made the video that I saw and all he did was state the obvious: This is bugging/console for webstorm.

I’m not sure about Webstorm, but there’s a plugin that’s gaining popularity called Quokka for several other editors that does what you want. I also use Codi for vim.

Edit: Just in case you need some heart-melting sweetness in your life, this is an actual quokka


I don’t have webstorm on this machine to check, but I have intelliJ (from the same company). There should be a way to open the console window - maybe with an icon like this: image. Then if you run the JS file, the terminal should include any console logging.

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Here’s a demo gif I made, using Visual Studio Code and Quokka


@owel Can you please share what extension or settings you are using for this realtime results in VS code. I tried the same thing but didn’t get any result.

Here’s the docs page.


You must also have nodejs installed on your machine.


Thanks for the quick responses! I’m using quokka now, but I’m still curious as to how it was that the guy on YouTube was able to print stuff right out on a console window within Webstorm. If anyone has any other input, I’d be glad to hear it!

Can you link to the video you’re watching?

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