Editor overwriting my code

Hello, I’m having an issue editing my code on codepen.
When I want to write something, especially in the CSS box, instead of pushing what’s after it, it overwrites it. For example, if I have
[text] (between “a” tags) and I want to replace [text] with a few words, my text will eventually replace my closing “a” tag instead of pushing it.
It is still possible to work with it but it’s frustrating and time consuming.
How can I solve this?

Thank you!

For me, at least, codepen follows whether I have insert or overwrite selected on my keyboard (same as any other program). Have you tried hitting your insert key (assuming you have one)?


Thanks, I will try it when this happens. It seems to happen at random, and it also stops happening at random. I have an insert key but it’s far from all other keys that I typically use so it’s unlikely I’m pressing it by mistake. Thanks again, I’ll let you know if it works ^^

Are you using an on-screen keyboard on a mobile device? I know that sometimes they have weird artifacts that code editors don’t know how to handle.

Hello Ariel, I’m using my laptop’s built-in keyboard.

The behavior that you’re describing does sound like the “Insert” button accidentally getting pressed while you are typing.

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You were right.
My main insert key is way too far, but I’m disabling my Num Lock to use my numpad as arrows to navigate, and apparently I’m occasionally pressing “0”, which doubles as another “INS” key when Num Lock is disabled.
Thanks a lot!

Ugh. That’s an irritating feature. I’m glad that you figured it out though. Happy coding!

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