Efficient learning

Sometimes I feel like it’s getting harder to grasp information. This might be because I’m not only a student in hs, but only because I have interests in other thing like music and language.

As a result, it feels like I’m not learning as efficiently as I could.

I don’t want to abandon other hobbies, but I would like to find a way to be able to manage my time more efficiently, and more accurately, to learn more efficiently. Any tips?

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Hi @revenstar2!

As you move throughout the curriculum, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and find it hard to grasp the concepts. Programming is hard.

My advice would be to just take your time through the curriculum. With enough practice and repeat exposure certain concepts will start to make sense.

Also, I don’t think you should give up your hobbies because it part of who you are.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for that!

School have been really rough lately, and with online learning, it feels like my hobbies (guitar and read) have saved my mental health

Still feels a bit rough though, with time management and efficiency, any tips on how to manage time and be more motivated?

I like to use Time Blocking for this, in particular Cal Newport suggestions (books, blog, podcast…)


Yeah I remember high school and juggling multiple things. So I understand the stress factor.

I do like @ilenia’s suggestion of time blocking.

Timeblocking or time blocking is a productivity technique for personal time management where a period of time—typically a day or week—is divided into smaller segments or blocks for specific tasks or to-dos.


what is timeblocking like? I’ve read on it, but don’t fully grasp the concept. I know it’s like division, but what happens when something unexpected happens? and the time block gets messy?

when you have a moment, you cross out the plan for the rest of the day, and make a different plan, multiple times if needed

Hey @ilenia!

Is there any online apps for Time Blocking?

@revenstar2 Here is a facsinating and long article that I found on how to improve your memory when trying to learn things. It is most definitely worth reading. Memory and learning has been studied in the past and there are ways to maximize the amount of knowledge you retain. The key to remembering is called the spacing effect. The article is pushing an application called Anki, but I suggest to build your own since it will be good practice and lots of fun!

A Gentle Introduction on How to Use Anki to Improve Your Memory

I took a class on HTML and CSS and what I did afterwards each day is to go home and recreate the project I did in class from scratch. It helped me remember a great deal.


Any paper notebook is perfectly fine for that. A calendar app works. I’m currently using Cal Newport’s Time-Block Planner, which is from where that example comes from

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lol im coincidentally thinking of using anki for language, bit wonky, but we’ll see, thanks