Has anyone tried a paid membership on egghead?
If so, how does the “watching offline” function work? Can I just download the videos to my computer?

Well, I answered my own question.
I signed up. Egghead lets you download an RSS feed, which I don’t know how to use. Or you can download each video individually.

there is a npm package called egghead-downloader that makes it easy to download a whole course with one command line. Woo!
I can now watch my course without the frustration of bad wifi!! :smiley:


did you take the advantage of the sale yesterday?

No. I missed the sale at the last minute.
I ended up taking a one month membership instead.

I missed it as well. Let us know what you think of egghead! I am curious about it

I am watching the course on React Router right now. It’s useful… I have used React Router a few times already, but I already learned new things.

The tutorials are not for beginners, for sure. Even “Getting Started with React” was going really fast at times (and I have been using React for months already)

I often have to re-watch videos. You can’t blink too much or you’ll miss something!

I will review more when I have watched more tutorials.

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