✴ Tribute Page Challenge Complete

Hi all,

:fireworks: Here is it

Some feedback would be nice. Thanks in advance :thumbsup:

:head_bandage: Need Help : having trouble on to align a list using row cl-4 class, is this possible to use a list with responsive elements or is this not compatible with the class list-inline ?

Have a nice day

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  1. ul class=“nav justify-content-between”
  2. Remove ALL classes from the li

the “nav” class makes your ul into an inline list, and the “justify-content-between” (which is bootstrap 4 only) gives it equal spacing.


Hey Jean,

I haven’t gotten this far yet but I think the site looks great.

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You are terrific, thank you.
Flex in bootstrap 4, that great !

Have a nice day

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Jean. Good job. I like how the body is centered on the page and that you made the information inside more centered using the col-x class. Not sure how the links at the bottom looked before but they look good now.

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