Either I'm dumb or there is someting wrong

I’m doing JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Projects: Cash Register. And its 5th test seems to be wrong to me. The cash is 20, price is 19.5. So, the change due is 0.5 dollars. And I DO SEE a 1 (1 dollar) after “ONE” . Isn’t 1 greater that 0.5? shouldn’t it return “OPEN” ?

@zwarif You can not give back the 1 dollar bill as change, because that would be more than the change due. See the rule below in the instructions. I have made the last part bold as it pertains to the condition you have here.

Return {status: "INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS", change: []} if cash-in-drawer is less than the change due, or if you cannot return the exact change.