Elastic Beanstalk eb deploy

i’m a Student in Advanced Full-Stack Web Development Track in UDACITY
i have a small exercise:
When i try to use eb deploy after doing every thing i got this error

That’s The Exercise:

Let’s learn how you can update an already deployed (Backend API) application.


You should have EB CLI installed, and have any one application deployed to the EB. If not, you have three options:

  1. Sample application
    Deploy a sample NodeJS application to EB.
mkdir testEB
cd testEB
eb init
eb create --sample --single --instance-types t2.small

Ensure to download the sample application into the current directory.

  1. “Contacts” application
    Fork and clone this Github repository and follow the steps mentioned in this README to prepare and deploy the application.
git clone https://github.com/udacity/cd0295-reactnd-contacts-server.git
cd cd0295-reactnd-contacts-server
eb init
eb create --sample --single --instance-types t2.small

This application also expects an environment variable FIRST_NAME to be set in the Elastic Beanstalk environment >> Configuration >> Software settings >> Environment Properties section.

  1. Download this another sample NodeJS application zip file and deploy to EB either using the zip file directly or using the EB CLI commands.

Exercise Instructions

Let’s learn how you can update an already deployed application.

  1. Update the client/index.html file in your local, and commit your changes. Just for this exercise, add this statement in the body section:
<h2>This is an updated index.html</h2>

It is important to git commit the code changes before you eb deploy it to the beanstalk environment.

git add -A
git commit -m "Update index.html"
  1. Verify that your EB CLI is conected to the desired EB environment:
eb list
eb use [env-name]
  1. Redploy the application:
eb deploy
  1. Check the health of the environment using the following command.
eb health

This will bring up a table with different information about the servers running your application.

  1. If you see that the health is not indicating an “OK” status, use the following command
eb logs

can any one help!?