Elastic Search of Stock Symbol

I want to do Elastic Search of Stock Symbol
I am working on a project which requires stock symbol name (not the name of stock)
For example
Stock name > State Bank of India
Symbol> SBIN

Now the API I am calling to get the price uses symbol name only that is SBIN

But most of the users will write
state bank
state india

And user might do speeling mistake for complex name of stock

What I want is
user can enter anything I should get the symbol most close to it

Kindly guide how can I do so
tech stack> python

One of the way to do is using key value pair that is state bank of india> sbin, state > sbin, etc but manually making key value store is impossible for 2000 stocks plus I will need to prioritise the key value when keys are same that is not a big proble. But how to generate the key value store

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