Elmtube, a youtube mockup written in elm

Its not a project from the curriculum, but thought I would share it regardless. Its written in elm which compiles to javascript.

Github page -> https://tyrantwarship.github.io/elmtube/
Github repo -> https://github.com/tyrantwarship/elmtube

Code is still quite dirty but its there for anyone that would like to take a look
PRs are more than welcome


Hi @tyrantwarship

That is quite an impressive feat, rebuilding YouTube. Nice one.

I am thinking of taking the next step into either a language or a framework.I know a bit on JavaScript and jQuery. I have had a first look at React but I find React not too friendly to learn yet.

Do you think Elm can be a good choice for me who is quite intermediate level? Or should I have a deeper knowledge of other frameworks or programming paradigms before starting with Elm you think? I also wonder if you are familiar with cycle.js and if so what you think of it.

I would be happy to hear your suggestions.