Elon Musk Tribute Page

Hello FCC!

I took a look at several tribute pages here on the forums and was quite impressed! Its great to see all the different design ideas. :slight_smile: I decided I’d post mine here as well…

Here is my completed page:

Please comment if you have any feedback on the code, design, or what have you.

My thoughts: I tried to keep the code and design minimal without giving off a stocky generic look… so I weighted emphasis of elements on the visual horizontal versus the vertical. It seems a little strange when the page is scaled down, and it could probably use some color, but no ideas yet.

Thank you all!



Hi @P1xt,

Thank you for your notes!

Admittedly, I need to read up on the grid system! I don’t quite understand what the numbers mean and how they relate to the middle letters in: col-xx-*

I think I was attempting to have the contents wrap in a responsive way; though I suppose there is likely another more specific CSS class which would solve this.

you should have added more links to your tribute page and make it more attractive with links and buttons. If you have learnt javascript then use it.