Elucidation of the Subject Rock Paper Scissors in MachineLearning

The subject in the Machine Learning section asks to create a function “calculate() in mean_var_std.py”, but when I open the REPLIT link to write the code the subject asks to make a bot, which one should I do?

Challenge: Rock Paper Scissors

Link to the challenge:

I have the same question. I’m not sure how to incorporate the tensorflow tutorials into the solution for this challenge. I’ve hard coded a 100% win rate for quincy, but that’s not using machine learning at all…

The subject of this task is not Tensorflow but another approach.
Namely a Markov Chain or so - though personally I just programmed a counter for the bots. It’s not in the least ML related but a minimum-viable-project xD

So I just beat the bots

ignore for now the text in freecodecamp, follow the instructions in the replit, there has been a mishap with the instructions recently and next deploy will fix it

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