EMACS on freecodecamp


Literally nobody have posted tutorial on Emacs on freecodecamp youtube.
Just vim , vim vim :frowning: .

Emacs is fading away, We need tutorial on emacs.

What emacs can do is extended to further future?

Doesn’t that answer your question?

The purpose of FCC is not a to be a nature preserve for endangered species. Taking a look at the data, only 5.3% of developers even use it in any given year. It’s pretty far down the list. That’s not a value or quality judgement, just a statement of reality.

If you think emacs should be preserved, then by all means create a web site devoted to it, create instructional videos, spread the good word… But that really isn’t FCC’s mission as I see it. I think its mission is getting people into coding and getting them the basic skills they need to become web developers. I don’t think emacs is a necessary or important part of that. Heck, I wouldn’t even touch vim if I could avoid it.

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There are 0 to no tutorials on emacs in freecodecamp youtube.


If you really wanna freecodecamp to have tutorials about it that hard, why not make one?
How to contribute to freeCodeCamp’s YouTube channel

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