Email for sending cold emails?

I’m not aware of any way to host an email server on GitHub.

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No prob, then it makes sense to ask.

You need:

  • a domain
  • an email host / self-hosted email server (not recommended)
  • connect both

Some domain sellers like namecheap give you email host for ~$10/y.

Some email hosts let you add your bought domain for free ( (email free), (email 12€/y)).

Yes, this is an investment in your business. You invest money (e.g. professional email) and try to make some return on this investment (people trust you because you work like a professional).

Are you committed to doing business?
Maybe you should answer this question first.

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thanks so much for explaining.

and yes I am committed to doing business as a freelancer.

I suggest for you to use your website name but you could combine your website name and your real name like what companies usually do.

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thanks so much for suggestion. it is helpful.

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