Email Input and Nav Bar: works in html, but my css breaks it


Hoping someone can help me out with this…

Nav bar will not function when all css is on. I also tried commenting-out all other css other than “nav” selector section and the div containing content 1, 2, and 3. (These are the divs that the nav-bar is supposed to jump to.) Not functioning then either.

If I turn off all css, the html code works for the nav-bar, and the href jumps to the appropriate part of the page.

Similarly with the email and submit. When css is connected, no cursor will appear in email input area, and submit button will not press. Turn off the css, and boom, tests fine.

I’ve been over the code, and over again, and cannot see what is wrecking this. Any thoughts would be most appreciated…

(I realize there are a couple of unfinished media queries at the top of css editor. They do not seem to be part of the problem, as I have tested with those commented-out as well.)


You have to remove negative z-index from the wrapper element. Why did you set it to -2 anyway?

#wrapper {
  z-index: -2;

Oh wow…

Okay, well, thank you very much!

Some permutation during trail and error on the design led me to that decision. I was experimenting with floating the email form to the right side of the screen and pining it there while the other info scrolled on left, on screen sizes 1400px and up. This caused the video to scroll in front of the nav-bar for some reason. So the z index was a solution for that. Then I ditched that idea, but left the z… Ert.

Appreciate that,