Email submit? query?

I only have two error left to fix for my Product Landing Page. Kind of stuck with this. Not sure what it is asking for, and how to fix it. Can someone give me some pointers on these two remaining issues?

look below the failed user story, it says why it is failing:

the other issue is that you do not have nay media query, but this project expect you to use them. Media queries have been introduced in the responsive web development curriculum, if you don’t remember them you may need to review that part of the curriculum

other syntax issue: img is a self closing tag, please remove all the </img> tags you do have as they are not needed and it is wrong to have them

I have added the media query in a style element within the iform element that contains the video i’ve added to this project. That error is still there. And, I still don’t see where I need to fix anything with the submit element. I have the mock URL added in there? I’m still very confused as to what I’ve done wrong, and how I need to fix it.

I’ve done my best not using this forum, and searched the internet for answers. Still having problems with this. Which is why I’m using the forum.

that’s not a media query, it doesn’t do anything

media queries are there so that a specific piece of styling is applied to the page with specific screen sizes

please delete that style tag, use the CSS box in codepen, and write at least a media query there with some css rules, to make your page a bit more responsive

the screenshot I have posted shows the error message that appear below the failed user story, it says that the #email element should have a name attribute

it is really useful to know why a specific test is failing, and to know that you need to read the first one or two lines of the error message below the failed user story

I don’t know why this is so frustrating for me. I deleted the style element, and moved the sizing to the CSS box. That error is still showing up. Not sure what “css rules” I need to add to fix this problem.

And, I still don’t understand the naming of the #email attribute? Is that not what id=“email” does? I’m really confused about this. Need a little more clarification on this.

the name attribute means to actually do name="..."
you have met it in the curriculum, and you can read some more about it here:

you have not yet used a media query, if you don’t know what a media query is I suggest you review the related challenges in the curriculum

also your link elements should be added in the pen settings in the “stuff for the head” box

Ok. I fixed the “name” problem. Still unclear on the media query issue. I found part of the curriculum that goes over it, still not sure how to incorporate it into my code?

I’ve even gone by some examples in Still can’t figure out a way to do this that makes sense and works to fix this last test fail so I can submit.

Really at a loss here.

media queries are used to have different layouts with different screen sizes so that everything doesn’t end just horrible

for example it is not nice to just have a column with one-word rows:

you could have one or more media queries that make so that the text come out nice with different screen sizes

Thank you for your help with this. Somehow, the form passes all tests now, and is ready to be submitted. How would you suggest I fix that “column with one-word rows” issue? Not sure how to go about doing that.