Email-submit url not working in project

I’m doing my product landing page and I am trying to get my submit button to work with but when I switch to full page view on codepen and click on submit (after entering an email) it tells me that freecodecamp couldn’t connect. I don’t know how to fix this and I’ve been trying for a while. Can anyone help???

Email: &nbsp

this is what i have. please let me know.

that’s not an actual page to which you can send data, it’s a dummy link you are given to use

can you share the link to your project?

Is that it?

If you run the tests, and then click on the red button, you’ll see which tests aren’t passing. In the case of the email submit button, you have to insert the freecodecamp URL provided into your html form in the proper place.

Hope this helps.

I know how to use the test platform. The the problem is I am 99% sure I have the url right and in the right spot. When I open the full page view and click on the submit button, a new page loads on codepen and it says it can’t connect to freecodecamp.

also, I know my page is bare and not really put together yet. I get the requirements filled first, then go back and personalize it. lol

I was wondering about that as well when I was doing my landing page. I don’t know the reason behind it but my guess is that something is simply broken on FCC’s side.

When you look at the stats of the email-submit page - that it got 1 submission in over a year I think - makes me think that it’s broken. Someone would have done it in the meantime.

I don’t think it’s actually a problem with the URL. You’re missing a name attribute.

Another problem I just noticed is that your closing </body>tag is before the form. The closing </body> tag should be at the end.

Don’t worry, I figured you weren’t done with the page yet :slight_smile:

it’s an user account named email-submit, you can’t actually submit a form to it

the email submit is in the footer. I’m not sure what you mean with a name attribute? I winged it and put it in the input commands for the submit button and got nothing. At this point I’m getting desperate lol.

Ok I figured it out! in the email input element I needed name=“email”

found it in a youtube video from iVuDang in the comments section. apparently I’m not the only one who didn’t catch it.

Thanks for all the help and pointing me in the right direction!

the error message below the failed test was saying that
they are usually a good place to look first to try to understand what’s missing

Glad you figured it out.

The footer is part of the body, so the ending </body> should go after the footer.

Also, just FYI, main content doesn’t usually go in the footer section. The footer usually has copyright info and navigation links.