Embedded Comment?

Hi All. I’m having a problem with my tribute page. There is a white bar at the top with "> on the top left.

This problem displays in both Firefox and chrome.

It disappears whenever I make any change within the Codepen editor mode, however, it returns in full-screen mode.

Someone suggested this problem was due to a comment embedded in another comment, but I have searched several times and cannot find anything wrong with the comments.

Please help, and thanks!

I’ve passed the 10 tests for this project, but cannot in good conscience turn it in with this annoying error.

Thank you very much


Think the problem is tag <head> in settings=>stuff-for- head. Just remove it :vulcan_salute:

Got it! Thanks. It was actually in the “add HTML class” field in settings

Thank you so much for reminding me the check settings!!

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