Embedded video not displaying in Firefox

I’m completing the first projects, and in the “Build a Product Landing Page” project we have to embed a YouTube video in the page.
I completed the project alright but I noticed that, although I can visualize the video perfectly fine from Chrome, I can’t do so from Firefox.

Is that normal?
Is there something wrong in my code (regarding this problem)?
Maybe I need to update Firefox?

Thanks in advance!

Link to the CodePen: https://codepen.io/khawabonga/pen/abmGqOd

it could be, it’s difficult to know without seeing the code

it’s also a possibility, if you have not updated firefox recently, try to update it

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Thanks for your reply.
I just updated Firefox and the still the video can’t be visualized (it appears as a black rectangle).
Here is the part of the code where I embed the video (the full code can be seen in the link I provided):


you have not providesd any link

Oh right! Silly me!!
I’m sorry about that.
I’ll edit the original post to provide the link.

check this thread

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Looks like yet another issue with Codepen and Firefox. This time I’m more convinced that it is the missing allow-same-origin on the sandbox attribute for the iframe that is (likely) the issue.

  1. It works on other live editor sites that have that attribute value.

  2. It works on Codepen in Debug mode, which is not using an iframe (Change View > Debug mode).

Edit: I filed another bug report to Codepen. I’m pretty sure this issue is the same as we have with localStorage and the test script (thread link).

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Ok thanks very much :slight_smile:
I’ll just keep going with the rest of the projects now :smiley:

This should be fixed now. You can read more about it in the other thread.

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