Eminem Tribute Project. Feedback will be appreciated!

Just finished my tribute project, feedback will be much appreciated. Link here: https://codepen.io/AntoheAdrian/full/JMVExQ/

Peace! :man_singer:

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Bootstrap versions 3 and 4 are not supposed to be used together.

Your <img>'s style attribute is missing a closing double quote:

<!--                                    missing " here  -v- -->
<img src="..." alt="..." style= "width:500px;height:300px>

The bottommost <h2> has an extra double quotes after align="center".

Avoid using inline styles (like in the <img>). Put them in the CSS section instead.

The align attribute is obsolete. Center the headings with CSS.

Don’t use the <h*> elements as paragraphs (the last two of them) just because they have a large default font size. Use <p>, then change its font size with CSS.

Consider wrapping the quote in a <blockquote> or a <q>.

You may want to give your work a proper title.

I’m not sure what version of Bootstrap you want to use, but look up the docs on how to make the image responsive.

The <meta> tag should not be mixed in the middle of your HTML code. You can move it in the HTML settings, in the Stuff for <head> textbox.

Better now. Not really sure about the img responsive. Thank you though!