Emoticon skin tone

After opening emoticons in a draft, there is a box in the bottom right of colors. They seem like skin tones that could affect the face chosen. Clicking on one before or after selecting an emoticon does not change anything. What is the function of that box?
Looks like a little sleuthing solved the question. Smileys and Emoticons are unaffected by the selection, but some of people and body are. Some image pairs are part default color only and part customizable.
:woman_climbing:t6: :dancer:t6: :running_woman:t6: :woman_in_motorized_wheelchair: :family_man_man_girl_boy: :rice_cracker: :ear:t6: :blonde_man:t6: :woman_farmer:t6: :woman_artist:t6: :female_detective: :male_detective:t6: :mrs_claus:t6: :woman_mage:t6: :weight_lifting_woman: :weight_lifting_man:t6: :footprints:

do you mean this?

it’s part of the discourse software
you will need to give feedback directly to the Discourse developers if you want to give feedback about it

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