Employed Developers Lacking Formal CS Education

If you fall into the category of currently being employed as a developer and lacking formal education in Computer Science or a related field, please respond.

I have no doubt I’m not the only Forum user who would find much inspiration and solace in proof of others’ successes who fall into this category.

Please share:

  1. your current position (duties performed, if you wish to elaborate),
  2. resources you used and amount of time it took for you to reach your current skill level, and
  3. any advice you want to offer others who don’t have plans to pursue formal CS education

Thank you!


I dont have CS education

Front end developer. I mostly do UI stuff, but am currently making up some documentation. It’s pretty dope. I’m kind of a big deal.

Kinda hard to say exactly, since I’d been half-heartedly learning to program for a long time, but things really took off for me when I started diving into Lynda.com, Treehouse, and FreeCodeCamp. Building projects was the single best thing I did. Being able to put a list of frameworks and libraries on your resume doesn’t compare to the skills you gain by just putting code together.

Floss every day. Also, don’t worry about not having a CS degree.


Cool. You’re an example!

So, do you get on Forum at work? Is time-wasting included in your average work day?

But I thought flossing doesn’t work. :no_mouth:

Well, “at work” is a bit of a nebulous concept since I work from home, but I like to take regular mental breaks (especially if the work is boring, like documentation stuff). I consider helping out on the forums a part of my regular practice. You simply don’t know a thing until you can explain it well, and I have had to spend some time researching answers that I give here. Having to learn, test, and then explain something is a fantastic way to fill in all the cracks in your foundation. So, I’m not sure that I would call my time here a waste per se, even though I don’t get paid for it.

Health benefits unproven. Just means it hasn’t been thoroughly researched yet. I’ll take no chances :mask: